Why Are Maryland Flags At Half Mast Today?


Why is the flag half down today?

Governor Walz ordered U.S. and Minnesota flags to half – staff at all state and federal buildings June 19, 2021, to remember, mourn, and honor the lives lost due to COVID-19.

Why is the McDonald’s flag at half mast?

McDonald’s does not employ anyone that is 20ft tall. As a result, the store is forced to only fly their flag at half mast.

Why are the flags at half mast today Ohio?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — Governor Mike DeWine has ordered flags to be lowered to half -staff in recognition of Memorial Day. The order is also in honor of the men and women who gave their lives in service to the United States.

Why are flags at half mast today in NC 2021?

“Governor Roy Cooper has ordered all United States and North Carolina flags at state facilities to be lowered immediately to half – staff until sunset on Sunday, May 30, 2021 honoring the victims of the tragedy in San Jose, California who lost their lives today to a senseless act of violence,” the order wrote.

What’s the difference between half mast and half staff?

The term ” half – mast ” is preferred by dictionaries and seems more appropriate at sea (as ships have masts). ” Half – staff ” seems more appropriate on land, and is the preferred term used in the Flag Code and in Presidential proclamations. We call it a draw. The two terms may be used interchangeably for general use.

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Can anyone fly the flag at half staff?

The United States flag flies at half – staff (or half – mast ) when the nation or a state is in mourning. The president, through a presidential proclamation, a state governor, or the mayor of the District of Columbia can order flags to fly at half – staff.

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