Where Is Brentwood Maryland?


Is Brentwood MD safe?

Considering only the crime rate, Brentwood is as safe as the Maryland state average and safer than the national average.

Is Columbia in Baltimore?

Columbia is located in central Maryland, 20 miles (32 km) southwest of Baltimore, 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Washington, D.C., and 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Annapolis.

Who is the mayor of Brentwood Maryland?

Mayor Rocio Treminio-Lopez – Mayor – Town of Brentwood, Maryland | LinkedIn.

What is the cost of living in Columbia Maryland?

Columbia cost of living is 121.6

COST OF LIVING Columbia Maryland
Median Home Cost $349,100 $294,100
Utilities 109.7 105.6
Transportation 107.9 119.3
Miscellaneous 118.8 104.9

How far is Baltimore from Columbia?

There are 14.60 miles from Columbia to Baltimore in northeast direction and 21 miles (33.80 kilometers) by car, following the I-95 N route. Columbia and Baltimore are 26 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

What is Columbia Maryland known for?

Columbia, Maryland Named the Best Small City in America by Money Magazine. “One of the most successful planned communities in the country, Columbia is a magnet in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, attracting families in search of good schools and businesses hungry for educated employees.”

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