Readers ask: Who Is Running In Maryland Elections?


Who’s running for governor of Maryland?


  • Rushern Baker, former Prince George’s County executive and candidate for governor in 2018.
  • Jon Baron, former nonprofit executive, expert in evidence-based policy, and former federal official.
  • Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland.

Who won the election in Maryland?

Joe Biden easily carried Maryland 65.4% to 32.2%, a margin of 33.2%, better than Clinton’s 26.4% in 2016.

What elections are held in 2022?

Legislative elections

  • 2022 California State Assembly election.
  • 2022 California State Senate election.
  • 2022 Michigan Senate election.
  • 2022 Nebraska State Legislature election.
  • 2022 Nevada Assembly election.
  • 2022 Nevada State Senate election.
  • 2022 Oklahoma House of Representatives election.
  • 2022 Oklahoma Senate election.

How do I run for office in Maryland?

In order to file as a write-in candidate, you must submit a notarized Certificate of Candidacy to the State Board by email ([email protected]), fax (410.974. 5415) or mail. Candidates must file a Certificate of Candidacy with the appropriate State or local election office depending on the office sought.

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Who is running for governor in 2022?


State Governor Candidates
California Gavin Newsom Kevin Faulconer (Republican)
Colorado Jared Polis Greg Lopez (Republican)
Connecticut Ned Lamont TBD
Florida Ron DeSantis Charlie Crist (Democratic) Ron DeSantis (Republican) Nikki Fried (Democratic)


Is Maryland a good state to live in?

With that said, there are some pretty great reasons to call Maryland home. It’s access to the great outdoors is unparalleled. It boasts a ridiculously strong economy. It is within close proximity to some of the biggest cities in the United States.

Is Maryland a safe state?

Based on a Population of at least 6,500 Maryland is such a historic state with so much to do, and it lends itself to being a relatively safe state overall. Of the 25 safest cities in the state, the highest had a safety rating of 91.2 and the lowest was at 43.35.

What party is Maryland?

They are found in the Annotated Code of Maryland (Code Election Law Article, secs. 4-101 through 4-103). As of January 2019, three political parties were recognized by the State Board of Elections: the Bread and Roses Party, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party.

What day is the election in 2024?

2024 U.S. presidential election The 2024 United States presidential election will be the 60th quadrennial presidential election, scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Who controls the House 2020?

2020 United States House of Representatives elections

Leader Nancy Pelosi Kevin McCarthy
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since January 3, 2003 January 3, 2019
Leader’s seat California 12th California 23rd
Last election 235 seats, 53.4% 199 seats, 44.8%
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Who sets the date for the presidential election?

Congress has mandated a uniform date for presidential (3 U.S.C. § 1) and congressional (2 U.S.C. § 1 and 2 U.S.C.

What is the term of office for the governor of Maryland?

Elected by popular vote for a term of four years, the Governor takes office on the third Wednesday of January following election. No person may serve as Governor for more than two consecutive terms.

What is the meaning of candidacy?

: the position of a person who is trying to be elected: the state of being a candidate He announced his candidacy for governor.

How much do Maryland state senators make?

Maryland Senate
Political groups Majority Democratic (32) Minority Republican (15)
Length of term 4 years
Authority Article III, Section 2, Maryland Constitution
Salary $50,330/year


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