Readers ask: Where To Buy Maryland Blue Crabs?


Where can I buy blue crabs in Maryland?

  • 13 Outstanding Maryland Crab Houses Worth the Drive. Find spiced blue crabs, crab cakes, and cold beer at these local treasures.
  • Schultz’s Crab House. Copy Link.
  • Bo Brooks Restaurant. Copy Link.
  • L.P. Steamers.
  • Stoney Creek Inn. Copy Link.
  • The Point. Copy Link.
  • Cantler’s Riverside Inn. Copy Link.
  • Harris Crab House. Copy Link.

Where can I buy live crabs in Maryland?

Best Buy Live Crab in Baltimore, MD

  • Nick’s Farm & Crab Market. 4.8 mi. 46 reviews.
  • Conrad’s Crabs & Seafood Market – Parkville. 6.7 mi. 180 reviews.
  • L P Steamers. 2.7 mi.
  • Coveside Crabs. 7.6 mi.
  • Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar. 0.7 mi.
  • Faidley’s Seafood Market. 1.4 mi.
  • Sal and Sons. 1.9 mi.
  • Capt Dick’s Crabs Galore. 6.5 mi.

How much do Maryland blue crabs cost?

Half & Full Bushel Crab Prices

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Size Full Bushel Half Bushel
#1 (Medium/Large) $399 (6 to 6 1/2 Dozen) $209 (3 to 3 1/2 Dozen)
Large $449 (6 Dozen) $239 (3 Dozen)
Captain’s Bushel (Large/Extra Large) $489 (5 to 5 1/2 Dozen) $249 (2 1/2 Dozen)
Females (Mixed Sizes) Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

How much is a dozen of Maryland crabs?


Small Males $35 $230
Medium Males $60 $290
Large Males $85 $390
Ex-Large Males $125 n/a

Are male or female blue crabs better?

Which Blue Crab tastes better: female or male? Many believe that the female crab’s meat boasts denser, sweeter flavor, but agree that the amount of meat differs. In fact, NOAA reports the heaviest male crab this last season tipped the scale at 1.1 pounds and a 10.72” point-to-point length!

How much does a bushel of blue crabs cost?

A bushel of blue crabs will cost anywhere between $250 to $300. That will yield around 6 pounds of crab meat, bringing the cost to approximately $40 per pound of crab meat. The price of one bushel is dictated by the size and availability of crabs.

How do you eat Maryland Blue Crabs?

How to eat Maryland Blue Crabs?

  1. Twist off the legs and claws off the body.
  2. Pull off the apron (the flap located on the abdomen).
  3. Turn the crab over and pull upward on the shell from the back of the crab peeling it forward.
  4. Grab each side firmly and bend in the middle, breaking in half.
  5. Pick the meat from each half.
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How much does a dozen crabs cost?

Live Crabs

Live Crabs Dozen Bushel
No. 1 $50.00 $——-
No. 2 $30.00 $——-
Females $18.00 $——-
Cleaned Add $3.00 $15.00

How many crabs do you need for one person?

So how many crabs should I order? A good rule of thumb is three to four crabs per person. Order fewer if you’re also ordering corn, hush puppies, oysters and other appetizers.

Why are Maryland blue crabs so expensive?

“Prices are at an all-time high, unfortunately. Fuel costs are much higher these days, as well as the demand is in great need, especially during the holiday, as well as supply lines are tight, so they’re hard to come by,” Lee added.

Why are blue crabs so expensive right now?

Supply and Demand Supply and demand are going to come into play for almost every expensive product on the market. This is because the supply is relatively low. The demand, however, is still high. People like the crab and use it in anything from sushi to crab cakes to crab sandwiches.

How many crabs come in a dozen?

How Many Crabs are in a Bushel?

Small 4-5 inches (10-13 cm) 8 – 9 dozen
Medium 5-5.5 inches (13-14 cm) 7 – 8 dozen
Large 5.5-6 inches (14-15 cm) 6 – 7 dozen
Jumbo 6-6.5 inches (15-16.5 cm) 5 – 6 dozen

How many crabs is a bushel of crabs?

A bushel of crabs refers to the wooden basket-like container that crabbers use to store crabs after they catch them. 1 bushel of crabs will typically contain 5.5 dozens of large crabs and 6-7 dozens of small-medium crabs.

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How much is a bushel of crabs in Ocean City Maryland?

Price Comparison: Where to Buy Crabs Over Memorial Day Weekend

Location Carryout Price by the Bushel
Ocean City Higgins Crab House $179
Ocean City OCM Crabs 6 inches to 6.5 inches: $320 5.5 inches to 6 inches: $260
Ocean City Crab Bag 1/2 Bushel: $125
West Ocean City Crab Alley Prices not yet determined.


Why are crab legs so expensive 2021?

Global shipping issues, including shipping container shortages, are further squeezing the king crab supply chain. Shipping constraints have “compressed” pricing on all sizes of crab, with smaller sizes fetching prices just under those of larger, more premium sizes, Kotok said.

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