Question: Where Is Emmitsburg Maryland?


How far is Emmitsburg from Baltimore?

The distance between Baltimore and Emmitsburg is 48 miles. The road distance is 57 miles.

How far is Emmitsburg MD from Gettysburg PA?

Distance from Emmitsburg, MD to Gettysburg, PA There are 10.11 miles from Emmitsburg to Gettysburg in northeast direction and 12 miles (19.31 kilometers) by car, following the US-15 N route. Emmitsburg and Gettysburg are 16 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Is Emmitsburg Md safe?

Emmitsburg property crime is 40.2. The closest similar sized city with FBI crime data is the city of Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania. The charts below are detailed crime statistics for the city of Carroll Valley, Maryland. Click links below to see charts for each crime category.

What is Emmitsburg Md known for?

Founded in 1785, Emmitsburg is the home of Mount St. Mary’s University. The town has two Catholic pilgrimage sites: the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, which is on the campus of Mount St. Mary’s, and the Basilica and National Shrine of St.

Is Emmitsburg Md rural?

Population in 2019: 3,198 (100% urban, 0% rural ).

How old is Frederick Maryland?

Founded in 1748, Frederick County, Maryland, represents a true crossroads of American history. From French and Indian War and Revolutionary War activities through important Civil War battles, Frederick County’s history is a rich tapestry of American heritage.

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What college is in Emmitsburg?

Mount St. Mary’s University is a private, liberal arts, Catholic university in the Catoctin Mountains near historic Emmitsburg, Maryland, with a satellite campus for adult students in Frederick, Maryland’s second largest city.

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