Question: What Street Is Secrets On In Ocean City Maryland?


How much does it cost to get into Seacrets?

“We go from $5 at 5 [p.m.] up to $15 on some occasions,” said Rico Rossi, general manager at Seacrets Nite Club. The highest cover charge at Seacrets will be $15 this weekend. “Most of our money is made in 120 days,” Rossi said. Seacrets is open year-round; its outside areas are closed in October.

How old is seacrets ocean?

Seacrets wasn’t always the entertainment behemoth it is today. It originally opened in 1988 as a locals-only tiki bar. There were seven employees and had a capacity of 48 people.

What do you wear to Seacrets?

Dress Code:

  • Pants and shorts must be worn around the waist.
  • No brimless headgear (bandanas, skullcaps, etc).
  • No athletic jerseys (except football events).
  • No long T-shirts hanging below pant pockets.
  • No extra-long shorts below the bottom of the calf.
  • No excessively long collared/button-up shirts.
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How many bars are in Seacrets?

Seacrets is much more than just a restaurant or a bar. With 18 different bars to quench your thirst at, a Beach Stage, a Nite Club, a Pier Stage & Bay, and a Tiki Stage, you are sure to go to Seacrets and “get lost,” according to its slogan.

What stores are on the Ocean City boardwalk?

Along the boardwalk in Ocean City you’ll find Trimpers Amusements, Thrashers Fries, Jolly Roger Amusements, Fisher’s Popcorn, Dolle’s Candyland, Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard, Dumser’s Ice Cream, Candy Kitchen, Dandy Don’s Bike Rentals, and Ocean City’s only Boardwalk brewery, just to name a few.

How old do you have to be to get into secrets?

2 answers. No. The minimum age is 18 for Secrets adult only resorts.

How much does seacrets make annually?

Annual revenue is estimated to be between $25 million and $35 million, according to Technomic. Moore said it’s around $20 million. During the day, the crowds are evenly mixed at Seacrets.

Is Seacrets kid friendly?

The entire ocean side of OC is kid – friendly, as are all the other restaurants in OC. Please, parents, find another wonderful place for the kiddies and come back to Seacrets alone and enjoy it with the aduts. If management reads these comments, please consider making Seacrets an adults-only resort.

Who owns Seacrets in Ocean City?

OCEAN CITY — When Seacrets owner Leighton Moore sets a deadline, you can expect literal and proverbial mountains to be moved in order to hit it. This week, the newest tower in the Seacrets kingdom opened on the anniversary of the former 40-seat tiki bar’s inception.

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Can you wear a hat in Seacrets?

Dress Code: All hats worn forward. No offensive, vulgar and/or inappropriate clothing.

Can you wear a thong in Ocean City MD?

Women need to keep their tops on outside in the self-proclaimed family resort, according to the Baltimore Sun. This despite the presence of Hooters, tiny thongs, twerking and foam dance parties, the Washington Post chimed in.

Does Fager’s Island have a dress code?

After 8 p.m., Fager’s Island enforces a strict dress code. Athletic wear, sweatpants, cutoff shorts, baggy and torn clothing, men’s tank tops, work boots and lewd clothing are not permitted.

What is the drinking age in Ocean City Maryland?

Under Maryland law, a person under the age of 21 cannot consume or possess an alcoholic beverage.

How big is Seacrets Bar?

And this was the bar they frequented during college breaks. Well, bars. Seacrets is an “entertainment complex” spanning six acres and featuring 18 drinking establishments, a radio station and a hotel — a good-times empire built by an Ocean City native who dropped out of high school at 16.

What is the capacity of Seacrets?

About Seacrets With multiple sections throughout the property and the capacity to hold up to 2,000 people while hosting an event, including the Speakeasy Room in the new Seacrets Distillery!

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