Often asked: Where Is Bethesda Maryland?


What is Bethesda famous for?

Known for its medical prowess as home to the National Institutes of Health and the National Naval Medical Center, along with its proximity to Washington, D.C., Bethesda is also a family-friendly urban center whose top-tier education, arts and cuisine make residents happy to call it home.

How far is Bethesda from Baltimore?

The distance from Bethesda to Baltimore is 34 miles. The road distance is 38 miles.

Is Bethesda Southern Maryland?

Bethesda is located in the southern part of Montgomery County, Maryland, which is northwest of Washington DC, the capital of the United States. It’s named after Bethesda Meeting House, a local church established in 1820, and rebuilt in 1849.

Is Bethesda a city or town?

Bethesda, MD is located adjacent to Washington, D.C. and is an urban core of Montgomery County, MD. Bethesda is one of the most affluent and highly educated communities in the United States. It is a vibrant town, and a destination for shopping, dining and artistic and cultural events.

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Is Bethesda expensive to live in?

Bethesda is one of the most expensive cities in America — but it has a high median household income to match! The cost of living in Bethesda is about 45% higher than the U.S. average. You can get a good idea of the Bethesda cost of living by looking at housing costs. The median home value in Bethesda, MD is $877,000.

How Safe Is Bethesda Maryland?

With a crime rate for both violent and property crime combined of 9 per 1,000 residents, the crime rate in Bethesda is one of the lower rates in America among communities of all sizes (lower than 65% of America’s communities). One’s chance of becoming a victim of crime in Bethesda is one in 114.

Is Bethesda Maryland a nice place to live?

Living In Bethesda, MD. Just outside Washington, D.C. sits the bustling urban community of Bethesda. With a healthy job market, beautiful infrastructure, scenic views, a robust public transportation system, and lovely apartment communities, it’s easy to see why Bethesda is a highly sought-after community.

How far is Bethesda MD from DC?

Distance from Bethesda, MD to Washington, DC There are 6.19 miles from Bethesda to Washington in southeast direction and 7 miles (11.27 kilometers) by car, following the MD 355 route. Bethesda and Washington are 12 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Bethesda, MD to Washington, DC.

How far is Bethesda to Annapolis?

✚ What is the distance between Bethesda and Annapolis? The distance from Bethesda to Annapolis is 33 miles. The road distance is 37 miles.

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Is Bethesda owned by Microsoft?

Microsoft has closed its $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda. Microsoft confirmed that some new Bethesda games would be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PCs.

How far is Bethesda Maryland from the White House?

The distance between Bethesda and White House is 7 miles. The road distance is 7.8 miles.

What company owns Bethesda?

Microsoft has finalized its $7.5 billion deal to acquire ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Doom and Fallout studio Bethesda Softworks.

What is the biblical meaning of Bethesda?

The Hebrew word Beth hesda means “house of mercy” or “house of grace.” In Hebrew and Aramaic it could also mean “shame” or “disgrace.” The Gospel of John describes the pools as having five porticoes.

How do you pronounce Bethesda Maryland?

Do you pronounce ” Bethesda ” correctly? According to BuzzFeed, Bethesda is No. 21 in a list of the 21 cities in the country most likely to be mispronounced. Bethesda is really pronounced buh-thez-duh, BuzzFeed reported.

Is Bethesda on the stock market?

Bethesda /Zenimax are private companies and do not sell shares on the stock market, Take Two is public and does. that means if you own stock, you technically own both stakes in rockstar games, and bethesda game studios.

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