Often asked: What Is The Airport Code For Baltimore Maryland?


What city is BWI Airport located in?

Welcome to Baltimore/Washington’s Busiest Airport BWI Marshall Airport is located just 9 miles south of downtown Baltimore and 32 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. It is the busiest airport in the region, serving over 27 million passengers.

Is BWI a small airport?

BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL ( BWI ) THURGOOD MARSHALL AIRPORT. BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport is one of the fastest growing large airports in the United States.

Is BWI a large hub airport?

BWI has a level of stability not enjoyed by other airports, none of which serves as a hub for one the US’ three large global network airlines American, Delta and United. Having the US’ second largest domestic airline as an anchor tenant bodes well for BWI’s long term viability.

Is BWI in Washington DC?

Washington, D.C., is served by three different airports, and Baltimore/ Washington International Airport—commonly known as BWI —is located about 45 miles north of Washington and just south of Baltimore, Maryland.

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Which airlines use BWI as a focus city?

It is named after Thurgood Marshall, a Baltimore native, who was the first African American to serve as an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Baltimore /Washington International Airport.

Baltimore /Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
Location Anne Arundel County, Maryland, U.S.
Focus city for Southwest Airlines


How far is BWI from downtown Washington DC?

BWI Airport is the busiest airport (but not by much) in the greater Washington DC region. Just like the name suggests, BWI is significantly closer to Baltimore (9 miles) than it is Washington (32 miles). However, it is less than 10 miles further from downtown Washington DC than Washington Dulles.

Is there only one BWI Airport?

Find the most important information about Baltimore Airport: Flights (Departures, Arrivals), Parking, Car Rentals, Hotels near the airport and other information about Baltimore–Washington Airport ( BWI ). – There is only one terminal building in Baltimore International Airport, divided in five concourses.

Is BWI airport safe?

As per TSA regulations, all flyers have to go through security before being allowed to go to their gate. But you can feel safe and secure when traveling through BWI.

How safe is Baltimore?

Many people who plan to visit the city wonder: Is downtown Baltimore safe? Even though the overall crime rate in downtown Baltimore is more than 200 percent higher than the U.S. national average, there are safe parts of Baltimore that you can reliably stick to.

Where are Southwest hubs?

Southwest Airlines

Operating bases Atlanta Baltimore Chicago–Midway Dallas–Love Denver Houston–Hobby Las Vegas Los Angeles Oakland Orlando Phoenix–Sky Harbor
Frequent-flyer program Rapid Rewards
Destinations 115
Traded as NYSE: LUV DJTA component S&P 500 component
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How early should I get to BWI Airport?

Arrive Early for a Worry-Free Travel Experience at BWI Marshall Airport. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) currently recommends travelers arrive 2 hours before scheduled Domestic Flights and 3 hours for International Flights.

What are the busiest airports in the US?

Top 100 biggest and busiest airports in North America

1 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATL
2 Los Angeles International Airport LAX
3 O’Hare International Airport ORD
4 Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport DFW
5 Denver International Airport DEN


How much is an Uber ride from BWI to DC?

BWI to DC Airport Taxi / Uber / Lyft The estimated cost for a trip to downtown DC is $90, though rates do vary. Uber /Lyft taken without any added surcharge fees usually cost between $41-$55, though the price can increase during rush hour.

How much does it cost to take the train from Baltimore to DC?

Which train should you take from Baltimore to Washington DC?

Train Daily Trips Avg. Price
Amtrak Carolinian 1 $29.94
Amtrak Crescent 1 $14.95
Amtrak Northeast Regional 12 $10.19
Amtrak Palmetto 1 $15.11


Is there a train station at BWI?

BWI Airport Station is an intermodal passenger station in Linthicum, Maryland near Baltimore–Washington International Airport ( BWI ). It is served by Amtrak Northeast Corridor intercity trains, MARC Penn Line regional rail trains, and several local bus lines.

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