FAQ: Where To Buy A Bushel Of Crabs In Maryland?


How much is a bushel of crabs in Maryland?

Half & Full Bushel Crab Prices

Size Full Bushel Half Bushel
#1 (Medium/Large) $399 (6 to 6 1/2 Dozen) $209 (3 to 3 1/2 Dozen)
Large $449 (6 Dozen) $239 (3 Dozen)
Captain’s Bushel (Large/Extra Large) $489 (5 to 5 1/2 Dozen) $249 (2 1/2 Dozen)
Females (Mixed Sizes) Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

How much is a bushel of crabs in Southern Maryland?

Find a crab house near you

Crab House City Bushel *
Conrad’s Crabs Parkville $299
Corner Crab House Baltimore $300
Captain Joe’s Crab House Essex $250
Pete’s Crab House Parkville $289


Where can I buy a bushel of crabs in Baltimore?

Best Bushel Of Crabs in Baltimore, MD

  • Nick’s Farm & Crab Market. 4.8 mi. 46 reviews.
  • Conrad’s Crabs & Seafood Market – Parkville. 6.7 mi. 175 reviews.
  • L P Steamers. 2.7 mi. 1578 reviews.
  • Gaffney’s Back Fin. 2.6 mi. 37 reviews.
  • Crab Shack. 6.3 mi. 22 reviews.
  • Blakes Crab House. 2.7 mi. 71 reviews.
  • Crabs Down Under. 4.9 mi. 41 reviews.
  • Sal and Sons. 1.9 mi. 135 reviews.
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How many dozens are in a bushel of crabs?

* Bay Crabs which consist of Small and Medium Crabs from 5 to 6 inches. – Approximately 7 to 8 dozen per full bushel.

Why are crabs so expensive in Maryland?

“Prices are at an all-time high, unfortunately. Fuel costs are much higher these days, as well as the demand is in great need, especially during the holiday, as well as supply lines are tight, so they’re hard to come by,” Lee added.

How much does a bushel of crabs feed?

If you are just serving crabs, a good rule of thumb is about 8-12 crabs per person. If you are serving other food, we estimate about a 1/2 dozen crabs per person. To put it in short, a bushel of large crabs will feed approx. 8 people.

How much is a half of bushel of crabs?

– Approximately 3 dozen per half – bushel. * Jumbo Crabs consist of Large, Extra-Large and Behemoth Crabs from 6 to 7+ inches. – Approximately 2 1/2 dozen per 1/2 bushel.

How much does a dozen of crabs cost?

Live Crabs

Live Crabs Dozen Bushel
No. 1 $50.00 $——-
No. 2 $30.00 $——-
Females $18.00 $——-
Cleaned Add $3.00 $15.00

How much does a bushel of steamed crabs cost?

A live bushel ran between $145 to $165 last year for No. 1 sized crabs, but with jumbos coming in smaller than average, that price has jumped to $180 to $190, Emit said.

How much is a bushel of blue crabs?

A bushel of blue crabs will cost anywhere between $250 to $300. That will yield around 6 pounds of crab meat, bringing the cost to approximately $40 per pound of crab meat. The price of one bushel is dictated by the size and availability of crabs.

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How many crabs do you need for one person?

A good rule of thumb is three to four crabs per person. Order fewer if you’re also ordering corn, hush puppies, oysters and other appetizers.

How do I order Maryland Blue Crabs?

Maryland Blue Crab Delivery Our home delivery service makes it simple to buy steamed crabs and have them shipped anywhere in the country. Buy Maryland blue crabs for sale through our online store or give us a call at 888-404-7454 and we’ll be glad to take a phone order.

Why are crabs so expensive?

Crab meat is only cheap if it comes in a can, because canned foods are non-perishable, and convenient to ship, stock, and sell. Fresh crab is expensive because of supply and demand, and because it’s inconvenient to catch, ship, stock, store, and sell, and it’s perishable, and subject to more government regulations.

How much does a bushel of crabs weigh?

Typically, a bushel of #1 crabs will contain about 60 – 70 crabs (enough to feed about 10 – 12 people). Seafood dealers often estimate the weight of 1 bushel of crabs at approximately 40 pounds; each wooden bushel basket of crabs with lid weighs approximately 45 pounds each.

How many green crabs are in a bushel?

Buying Crabs By The Bushel Instead, you can figure out about how many crabs each person is going to eat and go from there. Since you know it’s somewhere between 5 and 9 dozen crabs in a bushel, you can figure out if you need a full, a half, or perhaps more than one.

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