FAQ: Where Is Fort Meade Maryland?


What cities are near Fort Meade Maryland?

Cities near Fort Meade:

  • Odenton, MD.
  • Severn, MD.
  • Laurel, MD.
  • South Laurel, MD.
  • North Laurel, MD.
  • Bowie, MD.
  • South Gate, MD.
  • Hillcrest Heights, MD.

How far is Fort Meade from BWI?

Yes, the driving distance between Baltimore Airport ( BWI ) to Fort Meade is 9 miles. It takes approximately 15 min to drive from Baltimore Airport ( BWI ) to Fort Meade.

How do I get to Fort Meade Maryland?

Take U.S. Route 50/301 west to Interstate 97 north toward Baltimore. Take MD-32 west toward Odenton/ Fort Meade. Take MD-175 west, Annapolis Road. Follow the signs to the Reece Road main gate.

What is Fort Meade known for?

Fort Meade is the nation’s center for information, intelligence, and cyber operations. It is home to several major federal agencies, including the big oneā€”the National Security Agency (NSA).

What is the closest town to Fort Meade Maryland?

Fort Meade NSA sits between two major cities, Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. both about 30 miles away. The capital of Maryland, Annapolis, (home to the U.S. Naval Academy) is a short drive and a cherished destination for exploring with out of town guests.

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Is Fort Meade Maryland a good place to live?

It’s a great place to live and conveniently located between Annapolis and Ft. Meade. Schools are aligned to Anne Arundel County. Nearby Neighborhoods: Family friendly neighborhoods near Arnold, MD.

Can I visit Fort Meade?

Reece Road is the only visitor access gate to Fort Meade; follow signs to the vehicle inspection station. After getting a visitors pass, visitors should then proceed directly to the Vehicle Inspection Station when entering the installation.

Is Fort Meade safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Fort Meade is 1 in 65. Based on FBI crime data, Fort Meade is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Florida, Fort Meade has a crime rate that is higher than 40% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What units are at Fort Meade?

Units / Tenants

  • U.S. Cyber Command.
  • National Security Agency.
  • 55th Signal Command.
  • 1st Medical Recruiting Battalion.
  • 3rd Training Support Brigade.
  • 32nd Civil Support Team.
  • 48th Combat Support Hospital.
  • 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing.

Is Fort Meade closed today?

Due to weather, Fort Meade is operating under curtailed operations ( Closed ) today.

Does Fort Meade have infantry?

During World War I, more than 400,000 Soldiers passed through Fort Meade, a training site for three infantry divisions, three training battalions and one depot brigade.

How many people are stationed at Fort Meade?

” Fort Meade currently has more than 54,000 employees (service members and civilians), and is the largest employer in the state of Maryland and second largest installation by employee population in the Army.

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