FAQ: What Is The Zip Code For Waldorf Maryland?


What is the full ZIP code for Waldorf Maryland?

20603 Basic Information

State County ZIP Code 5
MD – Maryland Charles County 20603

What is the zip code for Silver Spring MD?

Silver Spring, MD Covers 18 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Type Population
20901 Standard 34,832
20902 Standard 48,841
20903 Standard 23,625
20904 Standard 54,612


What ZIP code means?

ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. However, the USPS intentionally chose the acronym to indicate that mail travels more quickly when senders mark the postal code on their packages and envelopes.

Are all US ZIP codes 5 digits?

U.S. ZIP Codes are always five digits long. These 3 and 4 digit numbers actually begin with one or two zeros.

What is zip code example?

An example of a PO Box-only ZIP Code is 22313, which is used for PO Boxes at the main post office in Alexandria, Virginia, such as those used by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. For example, the ZIP Code 43210 in Columbus, Ohio is listed as a Standard-type ZIP Code.

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