FAQ: What Is Maryland University Mascot?


Why is Maryland mascot a terrapin?

His native Crisfield, Maryland, was famous for its terrapins. While the origin of the terrapin as school mascot is well known, why the mascot was named Testudo is more mysterious. One leading contender for the name’s origin is that it was derived from the scientific classification for turtle, testudines.

Is a Terp a turtle?

A terrapin is one of several small species of turtle living in fresh or brackish water. Terrapins do not form a taxonomic unit and may not be related. Many belong to the families Geoemydidae and Emydidae.

What is the Maryland Terrapin?

Diamondback Terrapin. The Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin ) was made the State reptile and official mascot of the University of Maryland College Park in 1994 (Chapter 476, Acts of 1994; Code General Provisions Article, sec. 7-309).

What’s a Terp turtle?

These turtles can be identified by their beautiful and unique shells, marked with a pattern of concentric circles. They thrive in brackish water, like the Chesapeake bay, hence their abundance along Maryland shorelines.

Is Testudo a girl?

For more than eight decades, nearly all university images that identify the Testudo’s sex depict her as male. The entry for Testudo on the university libraries website “MAC to Millennium” says — by way of using exclusive male pronouns — that Testudo is male.

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What is Maryland known for?

Home to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is known for its blue crabs and the city of Baltimore, a major historic trading port, baseball power and birthplace of the national anthem.

Do turtles feel pain on their shell?

Turtles can feel pressure and pain through their shells, just as you can feel pressure through your fingernails. Turtles and tortoises do not have ears like ours, but they can feel vibrations and changes in water pressure that tell them where food, or a predator, might be.

How long can turtles live?

Turtles and tortoises are some of the most long -lived members of the reptile family. Even small species that are typically kept as pets, like box turtles and terrapins, live between 30 and 40 years if they’re kept healthy. Larger species such as sea turtles are estimated to live about 80 years.

Is it illegal to have a diamondback terrapin?

California Laws About Sea Turtles So in all states they are protected by law. This means that you can’t own or commercialize sea turtles, no matter which species it is. Any activity that exceeds the limits of State authority for an endangered species will require a Federal permit in addition to the State permit.

What kind of turtles are in Maryland?

Maryland’s Turtles & Tortoises (Order Testudines)

  • Turtle and Tortoise Anatomy​ Turtle Family.
  • Box and Water Turtles (Emydidae)
  • Musk and Mud Turtles (Kinosternidae)
  • Snapping Turtles (Chelydridae)
  • Softshell Turtles (Trionychidae)
  • Sea Turtles (Cheloniidae and Dermochelyidae)

Which is better turtle or tortoise?

Turtles require a tank with a lot of water with the recommendation that you have 10 gallons per inch of shell that the turtle has. Turtles vs Tortoises: Which Will Make a Better Pet for You?

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Trait Turtles Tortoise
Habitat Water some or most of the time Land
Feet Webbed feet with long claws Short and sturdy
Life Span 20-40 years 80-150 years
Food Omnivores Mostly herbivores


What type of disease can you catch from a turtle?

Turtles can carry Salmonella germs in their droppings, even while looking healthy and clean. These germs can easily spread to their bodies, tank water, and habitats. People can get sick after they touch a turtle or anything in their habitats.

Is a box turtle a tortoise?

However, not all land turtles are tortoises; thus, box turtles and wood turtles have been called tortoises, though they are not considered tortoises today.

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