FAQ: What Is Comptroller Of Maryland?


What is the role of the comptroller in the state of Maryland?

The comptroller audits taxpayers for compliance, handles delinquent tax collection, and enforces license and unclaimed property laws. Acting as Maryland’s chief accountant, the comptroller pays the state’s bills, maintains its books, prepares financial reports, and pays state employees.

Why would I get a letter from the Comptroller of Maryland?

Your business received a tax notice from the Comptroller of Maryland. Notices are sent from our offices to business taxpayers for a variety of reasons. It could be a missing return, an error on a return. It could be that your IRS return doesn’t match your Maryland return.

How do I pay my comptroller in Maryland?

You can pay your Maryland taxes with a personal check, money order or credit card. You may also choose to pay by direct debit when you file electronically. If you file and pay electronically by April 15, you have until April 30 to make the electronic payment, using direct debit or a credit card.

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Who is state Comptroller of Maryland?

Peter Franchot was elected Maryland’s 33rd Comptroller on Tuesday, Nov.

What is a comptroller vs controller?

A comptroller seems to oversee the overall costs that go into the services a company is providing. On the other hand, the “ controller ” is concerned with the bottom line; more specifically, the costs that are associated with the final product within a company.

What’s a state comptroller?

A comptroller is essentially a state’s chief accountant or financial officer. This appointed or elected official has all of the following responsibilities: Advertisement. Oversees the state budget (which can amount to billions of dollars) and audits state finances.

How do I check if I owe Maryland state taxes?

If you believe you owe state taxes but have not received a notice, call our taxpayer service office at 410-260-7980 from Central Maryland or 1-800-MDTAXES from elsewhere.

How long does it take to get your Maryland state tax refund?

It usually takes 5-7 working days for Maryland to process a Refund for an E-Filed Return. From past experience, they are sometimes a bit behind in updating their “Where’s My Refund ” phone line and website. Also, they are usually a bit slower to process returns at the beginning of the filing season.

How do I contact the Comptroller of Maryland?

Call 1-800- MD TAXES or 410-260-7980 from Central Maryland. Telephone assistance is available 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Do I have to pay Maryland state taxes?

Generally, you are required to file a Maryland income tax return if: You are or were a Maryland resident; You are required to file a federal income tax return; and. The filing levels also apply to nonresident taxpayers who are required to file a Maryland return.

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Can you pay Maryland Comptroller online?

Online Bill Pay is an easy, convenient and secure way to pay your Maryland tax liabilities online for free. This system may be used to make bill payments on business taxes using electronic funds withdrawal (direct debit) from a U.S. bank or financial institution. Foreign facilities will not be accepted.

Can you set up a payment plan for Maryland taxes?

Maryland residents have three options when it comes to setting up a payment plan. You can: Call the state comptroller’s office at 410-974-2432 or 1-888-674-0016. Visit the website of the Office of the Comptroller and apply online.

Who is eligible for Maryland stimulus check?

Marylanders would qualify for these payments who annually earn: $50,954 ($56,844 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children. $47,440 ($53,330 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children. $41,756 ($47,646 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child.

Do I qualify for MD stimulus?

Individuals: Income < $75,000 will receive the full $1,200. Income > $75,000 will have $5 taken from that $1,200 for every $100 they earn above $75,000. Income > $99,000 will not be eligible for payment.

What is Maryland known for?

Home to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is known for its blue crabs and the city of Baltimore, a major historic trading port, baseball power and birthplace of the national anthem.

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