FAQ: What Happens If You Miss Your Emissions Test In Maryland?


How do I check my VEIP due date?

Contact Information. For questions regarding VEIP due dates, vehicle registration status, or waivers, contact the Motor Vehicle Administration via e-mail at [email protected]​ or by calling (800) 950-1682 (toll free in Maryland) or (410) 768-7000.

What happens if you fail emissions test twice in Maryland?

If your monitors continue to be unset on multiple test attempts, your vehicle could fail. For the Idle Exhaust Emissions test: • Emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and/or carbon monoxide (CO) exceed test standards.

How can I extend my emissions test?

​ The Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) may grant you an extension, an exemption or a waiver of the VEIP test require​ments. An EXTENSION provides you with some additional time to have your vehicle tested (e.g., your vehicle is inoperable or otherwise unable to meet the test due by date).

How many VEIP extensions can you get in Maryland?

You can request a first, second, third or fourth extension online. There is no charge for a VEIP extension. Upon approval, a new VEIP inspection notification with the newly assigned expiration date will be sent to your current MVA address of record approximately eight weeks prior to your inspection date.

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Does a 20 year old car need emissions in MD?

In Maryland, registered historic vehicles less than 40 years old are presently exempt from periodic emissions inspections. Currently, Maryland allows eligible vehicles that are 20 years old or older to be registered as a “historic motor vehicle ” and gain an exemption from periodic vehicle inspections.

Are VEIP stations open today?

​FIND a VEIP station – VEIP stations are open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., and Saturdays 7 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Can you pass emissions with engine light on Maryland?

In regards to the check engine light, Maryland inspections are safety based and only need to be performed when changing ownership of a vehicle. You will not fail the inspection for the check engine light being on; however, in Maryland you will not pass an emissions test if the check engine light is on.

What to do after passing emissions?

WHEN YOU PASS THE TEST Once your vehicle passes the emissions test, save time and renew your registration online at ServiceArizona.com. You may also renew at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

How much is emissions test in MD?

Emissions Test There is a fee of $14 for the emissions inspection test. If your car does not pass, the first re- test is free if you discuss the test results before you leave and get your car re-tested by the due date.

What do I bring to an emissions test?

What do I need to bring with me when I have my car inspected? You will need to bring $9.00 for the test fee. Although not required, we recommend that you bring your vehicle’s registration and/or renewal notice.

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How do I start my own emission business?

Here is step by step guide for opening a PUC center:

  1. Apply for the license at Regional Transport Office (RTO) for opening the PUC Center;
  2. One has to apply to the nearest RTO office from one’s address proof that he or she would be producing;
  3. PUC Center can be opened near to Petrol Pump or automobile workshop;

How long is CT emissions good for?

Connecticut requires vehicles emissions testing every two years, with some exceptions.

What counties in Md require emissions testing?

The emissions test is required only in certain counties, including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery and Prince George’s. Certain vehicles are exempt, including those: From 1976 or earlier. Weighing more than 26,000 pounds.

What vehicles are exempt from Maryland emissions?

The following are VEIP Exempt Vehicles:

  • 1995 or older under 8500 Gross Vehicle Weight.
  • Vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.
  • Vehicles powered solely by diesel or electric.
  • Motorcycle.
  • Vehicles registered as a farm truck, farm truck tractor or farm area vehicle.
  • Historic or Antique vehicles.

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