FAQ: How Far Is Ocean City Maryland From Washington Dc?


How do you get to Ocean City without a car?

The best way to get from Washington to Ocean City without a car is to train and bus which takes 4h 41m and costs.

How long does it take to drive to Ocean City from DC?

How long is the drive from Washington, DC to Ocean City, MD? The total driving time is 2 hours, 48 minutes.

What airport do you fly into for Ocean City Maryland?

Baltimore International Airport (BWI) would be the best option for flights to Ocean City, it is closest international airport to Ocean City, the closest local airport to Ocean City, MD is Ocean City Municipal Airport.

How far is DC from ocean?

The distance line on map shows distance from Washington D.C. to Pacific Ocean between two cities. Distance between Washington D.C. and Pacific Ocean is 6305.88 km.

Washington D.C. 38.8951118 -77.0363658
Pacific Ocean 63.0625808 -168.8138315
Distance 6305.88 km 3918.29 miles

What stores are on the Ocean City boardwalk?

Along the boardwalk in Ocean City you’ll find Trimpers Amusements, Thrashers Fries, Jolly Roger Amusements, Fisher’s Popcorn, Dolle’s Candyland, Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard, Dumser’s Ice Cream, Candy Kitchen, Dandy Don’s Bike Rentals, and Ocean City’s only Boardwalk brewery, just to name a few.

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How do I get from Washington DC to Ocean City MD?

There is one daily bus from Washington DC to Ocean City. Traveling by bus from Washington DC to Ocean City usually takes around 3 hours and 50 minutes, but some buses might arrive slightly earlier or later than scheduled depending on traffic conditions.

What beach is closest to Washington DC?

Sandy Point State Park is the closest beach to the Washington, DC area. The park is located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and offers recreational activities including swimming, fishing, crabbing, boating, and windsurfing.

How far is Ocean City from Washington?

The distance between Ocean City and Washington is 113 miles. The road distance is 137.6 miles.

Is Ocean City Maryland beach open?

The Ocean City beach is open to the public from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m (We use the overnight hours to keep the beaches clean and beautiful!)

What is the closest city to Ocean City Maryland?

Cities near Ocean City, Maryland:

  • Salisbury, MD.
  • Georgetown, DE.
  • Seaford, DE.
  • Milford, DE.
  • Cambridge, MD.
  • Dover, DE.
  • Easton, MD.
  • Ocean City, NJ.

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